New website and a few words on SEO.

We just started to create the Time Zone Photography website. After a thorough investigation it was our decision to start by using Squarespace for displaying our work. Squarespace offers great clean and professional design that is easy to set up and their solution appears to be Search Engine Friendly. There are many great hosting solutions for photographers but so far they all fail when it comes to the very important SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Using Squarespace means a lot more work setting up a photography website than using out of the shelf solutions like Smugmug, Photoshelter or Zenfolio for example. These are all great solutions for photographers who do not care about getting organic search engine traffic from Search Engines like Google or Bing.  

However if you pay attention to the small details necessary to rank well on search engines that work will reward itself eventually. I say eventually since it takes a lot of effort and time but those who do that work properly can benefit greatly. In addition there are around 200 factors that affect search engine ranking whereof relevant website content is the most important factor. In addition Page Title and Page Header are very important. For photography websites image title and image description are very important since, because of their nature, contain a lot of images and therefore create valuable content that can be read by the search engines. 

Maybe I will write a thorough article about SEO for photographers in the future. I hope you like the images on the website and benefit from the information we will post in the future.