A short Layover in Accra, Ghana

I must admit that when I saw a trip to Accra on my roster this month I was a bit unsure about how the layover would turn out. I love to explore new places and on my layovers I usually go out to meet the locals and try to get the know the place I'm visiting.

Before this trip I didn't know much about Ghana but I surely knew it was a poor country. Therefore I Initially assumed I would need to stay at the hotel during the whole layover due to security reasons. 

It turned out that Ghana is actually quite different from what I imagined. After some researched on the Internet I found out Ghana was relatively safe, at least compared to this area of the world. Backed up with additional information from the hotel staff I felt it would be safe for me to use some of my spare time to explore this exciting country that not many people get to visit. Even though Ghana is close to the notorious Nigeria the culture seems to be different. I felt safe walking around with my camera and in fact I felt much safer with my things than when visiting many western countries.

The weather was perfect for enjoying the outdoors, the wind was light, it was sunny and nice summer temperature of around 30°C.  I started my exploring by visiting one of the markets in Accra where I browsed through sales booths offering all kinds of original African handicraft. To my surprise the people was very nice and almost everybody is fluent in English. I had a great time at the market exploring and interacting with the people. In fact, I felt safer there with my camera than in many European or US cities.

Since my experience at the market had been so positive I decided to explore a bit more and visit the old slave harbour in Jamestown. Jamestown and Usshertown are the oldest districts in the city of Accra, Ghana and emerged as communities around the 17th century British James Fort and Ussher Fort on the Gulf of Guinea coast.

On most occasions I just would have jumped into the next taxi on the street but I decided to play safe this time and booked a taxi through the hotel concierge. David, my taxi driver acted as a guide and was really helpful. Jamestown is an amazing place that is hard to describe with words so I guess I will just let the pictures do the job for me.

I spent a short time visiting the Jamestown lighthouse and the harbour. It was soon time to head back to the hotel and get some rest for the flight back to Dubai. I will definitely need to spend more time there on my next layover.

I hope you enjoy the pictures

Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park Accra

Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park Accra

A homeless man in Melbourne

This is Alan. He has lived on the streets of Melbourne for 15 years. Now his home is located under one of the bridges in the city center.

His face shows a map of a tough life.

His face shows a map of a tough life.

I met him when I was on my first layover in Melbourne, Australia. After a good rest I took my camera for a walk in the downtown area close to the harbour. I was busy taking pictures when he approached me from behind and said something to me with a strong Australian accent that I could hardly understand. I turned around and asked him what he had just said. He told me he would shatter my lens if I would take his picture. However he wasn’t intimidating at all so I politely showed him my photography subject and convinced him I was not after his picture. I guess this was just his peculiar way of getting my attention.

He then started to chat. When I showed him the respect of talking to him he proved to be a very likeable and amusing person. He told some jokes that made us both laugh. He said he loved to make people laugh and being able to see me laugh at his jokes “just made my day” as he said. Apparently I didn’t need to do much to make him glad. He showed me his bag he was carrying, it contained only two items, a bottle of wine and a hair-comb.

He talked about his past. He told me he used to be in the army and that he kept some memories he would not share with anyone and would take with him into the grave. I instantly got the feeling something had happened that just ruined his life.

Alan and me.

Alan and me.

We talked for approximately 45 minutes and before we said goodbye I got his approval for shooting some pictures of him. He was actually surprised and flattered I wanted to take his picture.

This time I spent with Alan turned out to be the most amusing and memorable experience from my Melbourne trip.

"Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always." -Robin Williams

Kulusuk Airport in Greenland during Winter

In my work as a pilot for Air Iceland I often get to visit exotic places in the Arctic. One of those places is Kulusuk, located in the Sermersooq municipality in southeastern coast of Greenland. The airport serves the small settlements in the area with total population just above 3000 people.

This is a remote area and the next airports and settlements are more than 600 km away and weather in the area can cause challenges for flights arriving or departing Kulusuk.

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New website and a few words on SEO.

We just started to create the Time Zone Photography website. After a thorough investigation it was our decision to start by using Squarespace for displaying our work. Squarespace offers great clean and professional design that is easy to set up and their solution appears to be Search Engine Friendly. There are many great hosting solutions for photographers but so far they all fail when it comes to the very important SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

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